Tuesday, 1 January 2013

More old building photoshoppery

Includes old breweries in Burton and Victorian streets in Spitalfields. Also some from Manchester

The floodplain in Burton is doing what it says on the tin. 

Time for some drippy paintings.

Ghosts of Old Spitalfields

The most recent painting came about after I did some research into family history in London's East End, and I mused over the pointlessness of it. I could find out names, dates and locations of these people, but I wouldn't get to meet them -they were dead - or find out what kind of people they were. The painting is based on old photos - thanks to the excellent website 'The Ghosts of Old Spitalfields' (http://www.spitalfieldslife.com/2010/12/26/the-ghosts-of-old-london/)  and shows streets empty of people.
Here are some of my preliminary sketches

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sketches from Scotland

Years ago, I used to take pastels to Scotland to sketch.They made an amazing mess, I never had the right colours, and the wind blew the paper away. These are my first attempt at taking the magic sketchbook instead. The only drawbacks of this were that I couldn't see the screen in the sun and I figured it would be pretty unwise to use it in the rain.So here are sketches of cloudy but not rainy, weather

Viruses scramble the brain